Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Beta Blog???

I switched to the new Beta Blog, whatever that means. It looks the same to me. I just read while I was signing in that I won't be able to post a message to any blog that isn't Beta...what have I done?????? This is just a test to see if there are any changes. I guess I will add a picture too, hoaw about this one? This is what I'll be doing today! Yeah!!!!!!


  1. I have not Beta blog and I manage to leave a comment. Where do you find all these beautiful pictures?

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM CST


    I too changed to Beta and like it much better. The only glitch is the comment thing and when you have problems you have to comment as anonymous or as other.

    Beta is so much easier to load pics and place them in order and to add html and good stuff like that.

    Here is a link to Melissa's blog that helps beta bloggers and i think you will find it useful.


  3. Anonymous8:10 AM CST

    whoops- here is the link-

  4. May Britt, You can post to me, but I can't post to you unless I am anonymous. They are updating it soon.

  5. Lillian, Thanks for the link, Iwill check it out.

  6. Pat,
    I changed to beta and you still can comment on the others..I have been able to.
    Just remember to sign in with your google acc. before you go to comment, and then every blog you visit, your name is already there and you can comment and it just goes through.

  7. Oh Pat, I finally found the new issue of the Challenge magazine! OMG your quilt is the most gorgeous thing ever. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in real life!

    I love this picture. Surely wish the thread people still gave away those little cards.


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