Thursday, November 02, 2006

Memories of yesterday............

I was going through photos last night hunting for my Chihuahua,Angell, in a teacup picture and came across this one of me and my then 4 yr old son at the beach. The memories of that day were so clear, the three of us went for an evening walk after dinner at the local pizza joint. My husband took the picture and as usual made me speak just as he clicked the button. It is a cute picture of Ed, my son. He was into "Dick Tracy" at the time. We spent a lot of time at the beach, yes, he was slathered in SPF 40 . He was always role playing, he was Superman at age 2, Ninja turlte, "Raphael" at age 3, and Dick Tracy at age 4. During his Dick Tracy stage, he would want to dress in his hat,large blue shirt, and tie which were his late grandfather's and make sand castles at the beach. One time a friend asked how I could let him dress like that at the beach, I replied by saying, "He is only 4 yrs old, how could I not allow him to dress like that?". I wish more people would allow their children to express themselves and not worry if it were proper or not.
Thank goodness I had a wonderful childhood filled with days created from my own immagination. Including wearing just large cotton "bloomers" which my grandmother had sent me. I loved to play in them, and actually remember putting on all 12 pair at once because I didn't know which to choose. I was very young, we lived in the country surrounded by woods. I can't imagine my mother making me change for fear of what a neighbor might think.
It is sad to know how quickly time passes. When I feel this way I try to keep in mind the future fun and adventure I will have with my grandchildren some day. My son did promise me at least one after all.


  1. What a great picture! You will be a wonderful grandmother. I always let my children choose their own clothes, even for school. Sometimes they wore odd things, but I figured that would be self-correcting, and if they wanted to look like that, it was their privilege and right. =)

  2. A darling picture with a nice moral, too. Let kids be kids, as much as possible.
    We must have been on the same wavelength, as just today I posted a picture of my son when he was three and an incarnation of Batman....

  3. I let my kids wear pajamas (obviously ones that vaguely look like clothes ;-)) to school! I have friends who always dress their kids "just so"...who cares. Especially my daughter will have a lifetime to obsess over how they dress and what other people think. I love that for one period in their life they don't care and dress for themselves.


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