Friday, November 03, 2006

Guess where I went yesterday?

VOGUE Fabrics!!!! It was a spur of the moment thing. The sun was shining, it was cold out, so I set out with a friend to Vogue fabrics on the border of In and IL. The ladies there are so nice. That makes a difference when you have pleasant staff. I have been to many fabric stores where you are almost afraid to ask them to cut your fabric let alone ask for a quarter yard. I love going to Vogue. The fabrics are just incredible. Yes, the purple burnout she has on the cutting table is mine! I can get into big trouble there, but I try to control myself because then I can make trips more often. I love how they don't have shopping carts, and you just start a pile on the counter. They lay a strip of cloth ove your pile to mark it until you are finished shopping. They cut a huge amount of fabric there. They all deserve a weekly hand massage. It was a fun trip! I haven't opened my bag of stash yet, but am about to do just that........


  1. I am sure you did great in that shop. Please show us what you brought home.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM CST

    Oh - that purple looks SO rich! You must show all you got AND what you do with it!!!!! Thanks for the eye candy - we want more.

  3. That purple looks wonderful. I'd love to see every one of the fabrics you bought. Next time I'm out that way, I'll have to look for this place. It sounds like the kind of shop I like!


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