Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting back to normal.

This is my second week at Curves, which most of you know is a workout place for women. I just had to join some place where I could keep moving this Winter. My other club closed this Summer but I kept busy swimming and biking, but now that it is Winter, that is impossible to do daily. I worked hard to get off those pounds last year and do not want them to creep back, which they do so easily. Anyway, our Curves keeps our interest with little games, and yesterday the team leader gave us this green paper Christmas tree cutout. We are to decorate it and return it within two weeks.Then we vote and win a prize. We can use any materials we want, so.........what else would I use? CQ!!!! I cut out muslin last night and pieced the tree thinking it would be ready when I was in the mood. Well, I couldn't stop so I gathered some supplies and headed down to stitch in front of my Christmas tree (which now has new lights in the middle). I have a lot more to add, but this is what my tree will be. When finished I will fuse on a green cotton fabric backing and use the blanket stitch to attach it to my green paper tree.....just in case it has to have the original paper tree. The tree measures9"x11", so it is a nice size to embellish. I think this "silly" project was what I needed to get back on track. Besides, it is raining today so I can't feel guilty for not being outside. Also, after running errands with mom yesterday afternon, we had a beautiful walk on the beach and collected so much glass we filled three pockets!!! My cup runneth over! Have a great day, and thanks to those who left encouraging notes from my last post. I appreciate them. :-)

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  1. Of course you would cq it - was there even a doubt! It is lovely and I can bet you'll win a prize...besides leaving the instructor speechless!!!!

    You are amazing in the fact that you think like you do...I would have never even thought to do that with that little tree...


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