Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Flitting from here to there

I am beside myself trying to figure out what I should be doing these days. It is because of the gorgeous weather we are having. I know I will jinx it and it will snow tomorow, but I need to blame my restlessness on something.

Sunday... After a nice scenic motorcycle ride with my husband,I worked a bit in the yard, then went in to try to do something constructive in my studio, I felt guilty because the sun was shining and it was warm so I went back outside to try to do a little Holiday decorating. I hung the garland on the front porch, attached the bows, and went on a hunt for the lights, hunted some more, then realized they were gone. I inquired about their whereabouts to my husband. He had no idea. Hmmmm , something is fishy here...I remember him cleaning out the shed this Summer. Could he? Football is on this evening...I take a bubble bath, and watch desperate housewives.

Monday....After exercise class I am off to the store for new lights. I returned home with a few other items that jumped into my cart, like a set of snow flakes that twinkle to hang by the deer. Well, one doesn't work. I am disgusted and return to my studio to work it off. I cut my pattern backwards....disgusted again, going outside to vent. I see leaves covering the ivy so I go to get the leaf blower. The attachment hose keeps blowing off. Fourth time, I give up. Feeling like I have chased my tail all day, I go back to my studio to pout, hoping anger will spark creativity, I sit there......nothing. I go to read blogs and see beautiful things everyone is making, I get in a better mood after visiting friends, and work on my current project again. This time I take my time. I check the mail and get a goodie box full of beads from a friend who is a bead fanatic as well. I have to cook dinner but will fondle these goodies soon.My husband comes home, tests and fixes the lights, fixes the attachment to the blower...all is well. Time to google my new beads...Thanks again Teri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday...4:40 a.m. I got up late. Mornings are my favorite part of the day, I hate wasting a minute of my mornings. I try to finish the eyglass case, I attached it lopsided, took it apart, tried again, the lining is short on one side, took it apart again, lay it down, go downstairs. The sky begins to lighten ,I grab my iPod and I go for a walk. During my walk I see all of the neighbors' decorations, I return home and decide to put up the tree. No problem, the tree is up and looking bare. I put on the lights, turn it on....and....and...a whole string, in the MIDDLE..are burned out! They will remain that way until I get to the store again,not today.
The sun shines so brightly I go back outside walk through the garden. I see the need to blow out a few areas, remembering the darn blower hose problem, I return to my studio. I look at the eyeglass case and walk past it. Time to organize something, anything. I take down my threads and move the storage compartments under the ribbons. I like them better this way. Now to fill the new bare space. I hunt my spool holders and put them back up then fill with my Kreinik metallic threads for easier access. Much better. The sun calls to me again, I make a cup of raspberry tea and go lay on the back deck and take in the sun. I almost fall asleep, it is so warm and the air smells so fresh today. Rain is on it's way I'm sure. As I lay there I try to think of what I have accomplished the past three days. Then it hit me! Why do I have to accomplish anything? Is it a bad thing to just flit from one thing to another at times? For now I will say no, perhaps tomorrow will be inspiring, perhaps not. I will wake up , go exercise and see what the day has in store for me...no plans, no schedule,no pressure,no guilt! Forgive me for not caring too much about the eyeglass case. The photo is of the center of the case. It has been through a lot and needs a break ;-)


  1. Pat,this sounds just a bit too familiar! Can't tell you how many times I've been through this. And then the same thing occurred to me, why do I have to have something to show for every moment of everyday?
    Hmmm...something to contemplate!

    I love mornings too. Love the stillness and quiet of the early morning hours!

    Your eyeglass case will be perfect as with all your work. Everything you do is so beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts......that's what life's like I think....it is insightful of you to see that you do not have to 'busy' yourself all the time---instead of being a human 'doing', it's rather nice to be a human 'being'. dontcha think? I do wonder why we have to excuse ourselves for being that way tho.
    Also, thanks for sharing your work in progress......hugs, Maire

  3. Just try to keep that engagement calendar as blank as you can...to let that freedom flow...
    Sometimes organizing the studio is the best way to channel the energy that is scattered about. But the weather report says winter is coming your way, so that should settle you down!
    It was fun reading your post, though...
    Oh, and the Purple Purse is gorgeous!

  4. I guess your brain just needed a rest! Life is like a box of chocolates, you know some are just filled with nasty coconut! =)

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who goes in circles from time to time!

    I would stay up *until* 4:30 am but I would never *get* up at that time, unless someone were threatening me with bodily harm.


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