Thursday, November 16, 2006

Felting used in CQ

Last year Margo sent me a gift bag containing silk chiffon,silk,silk ribbon,roving, and everything was in a pretty soft colorway. She offers these on her site in a variety of yummy colors. Well, I tried my hand at felting after she shared her tips with me. I ended up with a soft pretty piece of felt. I machine embroidered it using metallic threads, then added sequins and beads. I used this felt for my center and added fabrics in fresh green colors until I had the correct purse size. I embellished it and made it into a purse. The dragonfly was a gift from my friend Stephanie Novatski, a fellow CQer and fabulous Art Doll designer. (She also write for CQMagonline). So, there you have it. A new "fabric for crazy quilt use! Thanks Margo!!


  1. Another gorgeous piece. I have done some work with felting (mostly during my doll designing days) and the finished project was well worth the work. This beautiful piece will look just scrumptious on one of your projects. I was thinking perhaps you could do something like that for one of those adorable purses you make with an underwater theme.

    Thank you so very much for your beautiful comments on my blog. It is truly appreciated.

  2. I love this kind of adventurousness in CQ!

  3. What a great bag. Of course, I think anything green is wonderful. I like the dragonfly, too.

    You have good friends!


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