Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fabric packs, great gift for fellow CQ'ers!!!

A CQ friend of mine, Karen South offers "fancy fabric" packs. I have bought a few from her through the years and am always pleased as punch with the variety of sheers,silks,brocade, etc. She also will make a custom pack for you, such as all silks, or a certain color group.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I know there are new CQ'ers out there wondering how to start a stash. This is an excellent way to start a fabric stash. Also for those of us who sometimes need a bit of inspiration, and what better way than a new fabric pack?

Karen loves to buy fabrics, and certainly will never use all of her purchases, so she is kind enough to put these together and offer them to us at a wonderful savings. SO go take a peek at her packets, and check out her blog too, she is has some wonderful eye-candy! Just look at those tempting colors!!!!!!!!Help!


  1. I ordered 3 from her and they arrived a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful stuff!

  2. Wow! Thanks Pat for the compliments on my fabric packs. LOL ... yes I love to shop and I have more than enough fabric to last a life time and I love sharing with my CQ friends.



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