Tuesday, November 14, 2006

embellishing covered buttons

A few years ago when the covered buttons were making a comeback, I made this one for a purse clasp. I used an image for the base and added beading and silk ribbon embroidery then put the bton together and added the tiny crocheted trim. Sewn on my flip flap purse makes a nice faux clasp. Now I see they are back again! My idea came from Jakkie, a friend who made adorable children faced button covers. I then went on to fimo face buttons,beaded buttons, etc. My favorite remains the cloth image embellished button covers. By the way, it took me 12 hours to make the Flip Flap bag, never used it, going on ETSY! Pretty, but EVIL!


  1. Wow, 12 hours! That's a lot of time invested, isn't it? I love the button. What a great idea.

    BTW, one of your needles was in the sequins. Do you think it will help me to make beautiful things if I use it? =)

  2. What a lovely button!

  3. This is gorgeous, gorgeous!! I never thought of the fimo ones, as I have a ton of molds, so will have to give it a shot. You are an inspiration darlin..Thanks for being who you are for all of us.


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