Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bead making demo,fun Saturday with a friend!!!

Yesterday a friend asked me to meet her at our local bead shop, Blue Stem Beads, for a bead making demo. Peggy Prielozny, a bead maker from Chicago who offers her beads in Bead and Button magazine was making beads all day. I learned a few things, for someday when I dust off my bead making kit, under the fabrics in the closet. I must admit I am afraid of fire, and anything in a tank that can explode. That is what keeps me from opening that door. After watching her for a few hours I wanted to come home and make beautiful beads, until I remembered that I was afraid of fire.... So, I purchased some new seed beads that just arrived, and was satisfied. Just look at those scrumptious beads! I wanted some of peggy's beads, but I have never been known to shoplift, and I wasn't going to start now...:-) They were a little too much for my budget to just sit on my desk for observation. They were a work of art. The beads she makes are large and not practical for CQ, but oh are they pretty! I did learn she also makes buttons and will be contacting her. She is teaching classes next week at Blue Stem.

My friend, Laney, then asked me to join her at a new coffe shop in town. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We sat and shared a caramel turtle cheesecake slice and Snowcap Smoothies. I had orangesickle and she had cherry blast. Yummy!!! We knew we were being bad, and that we would pay for our sins, but hey! You only live once right?

Not wanting to end our lovely day, we decided to drop by the second hand shop to scout for fabric. Laney found some wool items for her crafting, and I had my eye on this gorgeous evening gown. I was just not willing to pay what they wanted. I will wait for the sale and grab it if I'm meant to have it. Our next stop was Barnes and Noble book shop where we browsed the magazines, wondering when they all became so expensive?????I remember not too many years ago the highest one was around $4.99. Now you can't touch them without taking out a loan. If I am going to pay that much, I want a book, not a magazine. Sorry, just my own opinion. Call it frugality, but there has to be at least three projects in a magazine that interest me before I toss out" stash cash". Since I am complaining here, what about the magazines that are sealed up in plastic? I bought one of those one time and saw why it was sealed. If I would have thumbed through it first, I wouldn't have bought it. That is like selling a"pig in a poke" if you ask me.

Anyway, after the magazine episode we wandered over to the bead and quilt book area where we planted our happy selves on the floor and started paging through all the new and interesting books we could find, laughing all the time. I swear there was something added to those smoothies...we were very animated and just plain giddy. Was it the new beads? The company? The smoothie? I don't know, but that was a fun day hanging out and letting it all hang out. Feeling like a school girl isn't a bad thing........unless you were in Barnes and Noble last night around 4:00 listening to what seemed to be two adult women being a little too loud for a book store. Sorry........girls just wanna have fun! Thanks for a memorable day Laney!


  1. Thanks for sharing what sounds like such a fun day with us. The beads you got are pretty nice, too!

  2. Girlfriend!
    I want to come play too! Beads.......must have beads! Ollie almost purchased me a beginners bead making kit but I don't like fire either (especially after our kitchen caught fire.) A bead shop and Barnes and Noble in one! ;) teri ps I went over to blog beta too...

  3. Me, too, I want to come play!

  4. Oh, nice seed beads...sounds like you had a fun day...

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM CST

    You just need a day out once in a while where being silly is the rule of the day. Keeps you from taking life too seriously.

    Love the color of those beads..

  6. It sounds like a great day, the very best kind. I love the beads you bought. I've never actually seen anyone making beads, but if involves me and fire, probably not a good plan. Or anything involving me and knives. I'm just too klutzy. The ones I can buy are beautiful enough!

    I'm with you on the magazines, only the books are even more outrageously priced now, which is why I haunt the Amazon used lists! I almost bought the $100,000 challenge magazine because of your quilt, but I realized that I already had a picture of the two other quilts that I liked, from when I saw them at shows, so that meant I would pay for just yours. It is worth it, but I am on a tight budget this month, so I didn't do it.

  7. How fun...since I have no one here, I live through everyone else's days of fun and sharing. I am with you on those magazines. My favorite is Inspirations, but here in the states it is $16.00 each. Way out of my price range, and the subscription is over $55.00 for 6 issues. Sheesh! I could buy a lot of stash with that.


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