Monday, October 02, 2006

Stitching box

I found a flat (1" thick ) cigar box this summer at a yard sale and covered it to use as a stitcher's essentials box. I have always loved the photo of the little girl sewing, so she dictated the colors. I isn't purple!!! Shocker huh? ;-)
The pink and cream appliques were found in a bag of vintage lace. They were still on the sleve of an old dress tacked on with silver lined beads which had seen better days. The rhinestones were alread attached, so I left them and added a few SRE flowers,MOP buttons,and a few other embellishments. I adhered a beaders fabric to the left inside panel so when I lay it on my lap with a project, the beads don't roll away, and the 1" depth of the box keeps my spools of Kreinik from rolling off as well.I have used it a few times, and it makes a nice secure area to work while travelling in the car. The directions will be in the next issue of CQMagOnline.


  1. Lovely as usual, Pat. You have such a refined and gentle touch...

  2. Oh, Pat this is so special! I just love it - the ombre ribbon and those MOP buttons you added, just equal perfection! What in the world is "beader's fabric"? I am always working in my lap on the couch and that couch holds so many beads down under its pillows, it could be a project in itself!

  3. Hi Pat, yes, I would love to know what beaders fabric is too!

    I wish I could stitch while riding in the car but I can't. Had motion sickness when I was little and although I don't have it now, I do get a bit dizzy if I try to read or stitch so I just look out the window.

    This is beautiful, as is everything you do!

  4. I love this little girl, and how you embellished her. Just beautiful!

  5. Just beautiful and delicate Pat,
    I love the print and you have done beautiful work embellishing it...


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