Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Secretary? Me?

Well, I jumped into a fire again. I think I need a personal assistant to tell me what to do. I accepted a temp secretary position, only for three days, for my brother's friend. Yesterday was my first day. First of all, I am not nor have ever been a secretary. I answered phones all day, and did some paperwork now and then. But mostly.....I stitched! He asked if I brought a book, and I replied,"No, but I do have a stitching project for my lunch hour." He said to go ahead and stitch! Cool huh? Anyway, I know secretary's have a tough job. I only did a 10th of what the reg gal did. I want no part of it. I did enjoy the stitching though. The sitting was not for me. I wanted to sweep or clean, but he said he has a girl for that. So, I sat and embellished this pouch front. I pieced two others this morning to embellish today. Tomorrow is my last day, and then I will put them together on Thursday.

If anyone is interested in a job telling me to "JUST SAY NO!", please , you're hired! I have a ton of projects and orders to catch up on Thurs and Fri, so there goes the week. Next week, I'm not answering the phone and I'm wearing a shirt that reads, NO! Have a nice day everyone, especially the secretary's! Let's see what today will bring......................


  1. Oh, Pat...I can imagine what his face must have looked like when you said you wanted to sweep and clean...I used to be a secretary - and the sitting can drive one to drink...I'm just glad that I am at home and can move around when I want.

  2. Pat,
    I don't know how you do it!...you are the most busiest, generous person I know.
    But I can relate to not being able to saying "sorry NO!"
    We need to practice that word..


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