Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by my "other half of me" from Norway, May Britt. We share the same birthdate and age. Cool huh? Anyway, I am supposed to share 5 weird things about me and a pet. Unfortunately I am reluctant to say, this will be easy. Then I have to choose five friends and "tag" them. All in good fun ladies :-)

1.In school if you looked at me I would blush. I am pretty quiet/shy until you get on the topic of crazy quilting, then no one is a stranger.

2. I have to sleep with one or both feet out of the covers. I can't breathe otherwise. (I know,I know)

3.I have to take note of the exits when I enter a building, especially a small one.

4.I enjoy swimming in 55 degree water.

5. My chihuahua has a water sac on her back leg and it looks discusting. It is the size of a ping pong ball. It is harmless the vet said, but if he removes it he would have to put her asleep, and that makes me nervous.

I am "tagging" these five friends because I am also curious about their "weirdness".
Judith from New Zealand because she is such a lady that I can't imagine her having any weird tendencies,Rissa from Mississippi because she is a fun girl and I can just imagine what hers would be,Pam K because it gives me another reason to view her blog and drool,Karen S because I hope she is weirder than I am, Allie from WA just because I pray she has a weird side to her, she has to, no one can create that much and be 100% straight up!!! :-)


  1. Wow, I hope I don't dissappoint you with my list! LOL

  2. LOL! Come on now Rissa, there has to be some good "wierd" things among all that talent and brains.

  3. I am laughing heartily!
    55 degree water???
    O.K., Pat, you are on, I will do my best to be honest here (oh, you truly have no idea....)

  4. Pat, I have double-tagged you. But you are really weird. And I have enjoyed it much. Hideko

  5. 55 degrees???? Now *that* is weird! =)

  6. Yippee..I've finally found another person like me. I have to have one foot uncovered and one foot covered by my quilt when I sleep. When I was small, my mum would come in and cover both my feet thinking I would get cold but within a couple of minutes one foot would be out again.


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