Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hey! Is there a prize if you are tagged twice?

I have been tagged by Hideko. Yes, again.Ok, I know I am weird at times, but to be tagged twice and in one day? I must have quite a reputation I know nothing about. Hmmm, Hideko, I will get you when you least expect it ;0}
Well I need to share five more wierd things about me....

#1. My hair grows fast, up until last year when it would reach to my behind, I would have it cut above my ears and start over. The last cut was 1 1/2" all over. I loved it but felt wierd. My husband wants me to grow it now, so I am. One extreme to the other.

#2. I go to the beach a lot, and always get the same parking spot every time.

#3.When I am with someone and something separates us, I say "bread and butter". It was one of my mom's things I kind of inherited.

#4.I have to mow the front yard myself. My husband can mow the rest, but I have to mow the front and garden always.

#5. If someone touches my car windows inside, I wash them immediately. I hate smudges. No one can smoke in my car. (It gives me a headache)

Now I must tag five victims, I mean friends.....Hmmmm I will tag Debbie R in TX,Lin Moon,Lynn M, Jo in Auckland,and Margaret from United Kingdom because I enjoy their blogs and you should too.


  1. Pat, what happens if your parking spot is taken? Do you panic? lol
    Two tags for me now...hmmm. am I weird enough to handle that?

  2. Well Jo, that hasn't happened....yet! I will have to let you know when it does.


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