Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!! I hope you receive more treats than tricks!
Yesterday I received an unexpected surprise in my mailbox. Susan S from OK sent me a Halloween card. I haven't received a Halloween card is many years, and this was so thoughtful. It had a wonderful little note in it as well. Thank you Susan, I truly enjoyed it. It is sitting on my desk right now. In this world of IM, and email, you forget how special and thoughtful sending a real letter or card can be. I will keep this in mind.

Well, today is the day voting for the winning quilt starts. I did go to the site and it wasn't ready yet this morning. I see once you get on the site, and go to voting ballot page, you still have to go to another page for the actual ballot. I hope they show all of the quilts. They are all stunning.

I am off to collect more magazines for family members. I hope you all have a spooktacular day! Hey, let's all meet at Starbucks for a caramel hot cider!!!!On me!!!!! :-)


  1. Happy Halloween. The kids in Norway have adopted halloween, but I do not think they want to go outside today. It is snowing so badly. Look at my blog.
    I have voted for you today.

  2. I voted, my husband voted and a friend sent me an email saying that she voted for you too! Good Luck to you Pat!

  3. What a cute header card. Is that the one Susan sent? Yes, I am still excited when I get good mail - as in, not a bill. =) I have good mail coming from you this week, so can hardly wait until Thursday, when our mail should arrive!

    Happy Halloween to you, and good luck in the voting. I'm heading for the voting booth right now!

  4. My vote for you is in Pat. Best of luck.

    Your halloween card is the nicest I have yet seen. Maureen

  5. Thank you ladies! I do appreciate your vote. The Halloweenimage is one from a CD I own. May Britt, you certainly do have snow! Brrrrrrrrrrr.


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