Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hanging up my steno pad

Yesterday was my last day as a secretary. I was asked for one more day, but turned him down. I am so behind in my home life after just three days, it is unbelieveable.
It was a semi-slow day. After lunch, when I finished beading the last pouch top, I had nothing to do.I realized I didn't have the cording for the other two pouches.
Everyone left the office on errands,lunch, etc, and I sat there bored out of my mind. I grabbed the newspaper which I had already read earlier, hoping there was a tidbit of info I had such luck. Reading our town paper isn't exciting, reading it twice? Well, you get the picture. Boredom is an awful thing. Your mind wanders to what you could be doing at home, or at the store, anywhere actually.I was even thinking I could be organizing the sock drawer! I prayed for the phone to ring, of course it only did after I put my head down for a nap. I felt silly sitting there with nothing to do. I meant to grab my new piecework magazine before leaving the house, but that didn't happen. I know the "real" secretary has many things to keep her busy which they didn't want to bother me with since I was only there a few days.....I wish they had.
This is my whiney episode of working as a secretary. Thanks for your patience, it will never happen again.


  1. I am one of those people with the boring office job. I hate coming to work and am so envious of those of you who get to stay home. I've never got to stay home. Since I can't stitch at work (I can just see these lawyers if I attempted that), I spend my time reading all the blogs and like you, thinking of all the things I could do at home instead of wasting my time here.

  2. Makes you glad you don't have to do it fulltime, doesn't it? It's how I worked my way through college, in between scholarships and loans. Good to have the skills, not so great to have to use them. =)

  3. Susan, I don't have the skills! I was just a body in a chair that answered the phones for the most part. I am a comsetologist who retired when I was expecting my son.....21 yrs ago!

    I think being throw into an office situation was the hard part. If that was what I chose to do, I would adapt to have to sit there. It was just an experience I was allowed to experience. I hope I didn't offend anyone, I was just making light of my situation for the three days I couldn't play at home. I repect secretaries a whole lot more now!


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