Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Great weekend

For those wondering, yes, I did mail off my hand to Houston. I waved goodbye and walked away slowly as the postmaster threw it into a large bin. At least it will be in warmer weather. It snowed here last week. First time this year. Our son made a surprise visit on Friday. It was a short visit, just overnight, but I started offering food to him immediately, so I think I made up for it. He turns 21 next monday. I just can't imagine where the time goes. He is 6'. Thin like his dad, and brilliant.....like.... his mom ((((g)))).

Mom's floor is stripped and sealed! It looks wonderful. Yes Rissa, it was worth the aching back and sore knees. Yesterday I painted trim work. Tomorrow I am doing a painted rug on the floor. I bought a beautiful rug with roses, and will create a rug that will compliment it. Mom has cats and two son's who don't like to take their shoes off when visiting, so the painted rug will hold up to their traffic, yet lend a nice touch to the area they tend to "land". I am taking today off to stitch. I'm working on another purse. Will post when finished.

This week I hope to gather all my cross stitch books and aida cloth, etc to offer to a cross stitcher. I know I will never use that stuff anymore. I will stitck to the small nice designs like Pam offers when I have the x-stitch bug. I love her designs. I have many booklets and hope someone will want them for a tiny cost and postage. I hang on to things when it is much better to pass them on to someone who will use it. I also have a small bag of tatting threads,small glass bottles with no corks, etc to pass on. If anyone is interested, drop me a line privately and it's yours for postage and packing supply costs. For lover's of cotton fabrics, I have a lot to part with. I will post picshere when I can, or to private emails. Off to make a cup of tea,settle in and stitch.

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  1. Oh, thank you Pat! What a lovely compliment! Yes, I used to do tons of cross stitch in my stitching time too but then discovered crazyquilting and most of my cross stitch things went out the door!

    Can't wait to see your new purse. I was over at Art E Zine the other day and drooling all over my keyboard again. I love looking at your purses!


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