Monday, October 30, 2006

Geez! Sorry Teri.

Well, I went to delete one of the duplicate articles on Teri Dusenbury, the tatter/jewelry maker who's work I drool over. Yesterday Blogger said the first one had a mistake so naturally I did it agian, then I couldn't get one off. Now they are both gone. Sorry Teri. This doesn't mean you don't have to write five weird things about yourself on your blog. Can't get off because of my ignorance. So, I tagged Teri, even though tagging is over. You have to see her things. I wrote about Teri when she was tatting beautiful items and I had to share them. They are in a past message from this summer. As if those items weren't gorgeous enough, now she incorporates beads into her tatting and creates really "sweet" jewelry. I want it all. So, go have a browse and don't forget your drool bucket (eew,sorry, that is gross)

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  1. Thanks Pat for the nod! So I am tagged IT! I did admit to five wierd things but there are so many more. I won't tell any more!

    Always enjoy your blog and I love the crazy quilt LIFE WITHIN A GARDEN and belive that you will get the winning purse.

    Can you imagine all the beads you could purchase? ;)


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