Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crazy Lazy day!

This morning I took mom to the beach. Overcast and small quiet waves made for a great glass hunting day. I found a blue piece!!!!My favorite! After our jaunt we went back to mom's for tea and then I started painting her livingroom trim. I hoped I would have finished, but I see at least two more days of work ahead.

I decided to get my dyes in order so as soon as the ribbons arrive I can dye away! I really enjoy dyeing ribbons. Especially when the colors are mixed and you never know what you will get. Always different, always fun.

I did get an email this afternoon confirming the arrival of my CQ "hand" to Houston. It has arrived! I was so worried it wouldn't make it on time. Nothing like last minute mailings.

Six days until voting for the winning quilt begins . Click on "current issue" and you will see my dragonfly along with the other winners. It is getting exciting now.... I think I will grab a cup of vanilla coffee and my purse project and head off to my special spot for a bit of stitching. I feel lazy now.


  1. I am going to vote for you. Just remind us when the time is there.

  2. I followed the link to take a peek and I have fallen in love with the preview. I can't wait to view the whole quilt. "Life Within A Garden" is a title I would expect from such a gentle soul. I too will vote for you at the first oppertunity. Good Luck

    Luv from Texas

  3. I'm so glad the hand arrived safely. And the dragonfly piece I could see was gorgeous! How excited you must be to be among the top entries. You will have my vote, too, and I hope many of the judges!

    I'm glad you found a blue glass - must be an omen, don't you think? =) How nice you are to paint for your mom.

  4. Still so very excited for you and you know you have my vote! I am going to try and find the magazine this week-end....


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