Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beautiful things to share

I must brag a little, I am in the company of quite a few talented ladies. Just like finding a great new shop and having to tell friends about it, I want to share a couple of places belonging to online friends where you can find unique, high quality handmade gifts for friends,family, or yourself.

Pam Kellogg offers exquisite hand created items on her Etsy site. You can see she is quite the stitcher. I truly believe she doesn't sleep but 30 minutes a night. She also offers wonderful and very helpful patterns on her blog as well which you can browse at,

My friend from AU has offerings on Etsy as well. Again, beautiful work. I am fortunate to have a few pieces of Julia's handiwork in several areas of my home. Treasures for sure. Julia Camilerri
also has a beautiful and interesting blog. Julia's Etsy shop has frequent unique arrivals. Julia has several exquisite projects published in the Australian Embroidery and Cross stitch magazines.

This is just a couple to get you started. If you have any unique shops, please share. Enjoy!


  1. Pat, thank you for the lovely comments about me.
    I am so proud to also call you my friend, you are an inspiration to me.
    I love everything you do..

  2. WEll thank you so much Pat! What lovely compliments coming from such a gifted lady yourself!

    Oh, and I do sleep more than 30 minutes a night. It's more like 45 minutes! Ha, ha, ha!!!

  3. Two of my favorite places to visit, too. =)


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