Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another day at "work"!

Today it was tough to make myself go to work. The people are super nice, but it was so hard to know I had to sit there. I tried to imagine doing that five days a week. I have a new respect for anyone with an office job. I honestly do. I will never say I'm bored at home again. Never! It is hard to explain to people that you don't just "SIT" at home and stitch. I clean,stitch,cook, stitch, do laundry, etc.... Rarely do I sit all day and stitch. It just doesn't happen.

Well, I managed to embellish two pouches today. The pictures are awful,sorry. I can't wait to put them together and add their beaded trim, however I am forced to wait until Thursday. Oh yes, I did answer the phone and do a little typing today as well. It was strange to type on an electric typewriter instead of a keyboard. It brought back memories of 9th grade typing class, which I despised.

In all honesty, if I was a secretary, I would love to work there. They are so laid back, friendly, funny, and just a great atmosphere. I think I will actually miss the environment. I get attached easily. It will almost be sad. Nothing a day waking up and not having to go any further than across the hall won't cure though. I miss my routine, my sewing room,my baby Chihuahua, and my home. I need my comfort zone. I'm afraid I am a creature of habit. Something I just discovered about myself. Perhaps this was my lesson learned?

There was one point in the day when I just couldn't get any stitching done with the phone ringing so much. It was annoying.(yes, I am teasing) I decided I needed to get away so I went to lunch. I went to Joann Fabrics. They have the neatest new trims. I didn't have my coupon, so I will go back tomorrow. Oh yes,tomorrow, my last day!!! Tomorrow, tomorrow....I love ya...tomorrow......You're only a day .a...way!


  1. This was a fun post, Pat. I am sure I would feel just like you in this situation...glad to be around nice people, but even gladder to be home!

    (...Pretty projects, too!)

  2. 'There's no place like home'
    I feel the same way Pat.
    you will enjoy tomorrow that much more!
    beautiful cq work your working on..

  3. LOL I am working in an office and have never had time to stitch at work. But I do take time to blog, draw patterns and dream about sewing during the day. I wish I could bring my quilting to work. Like yesterday when I was in a boooooooring meeting. Doing some stitching would have prevent me from falling asleep. (I did not, but it was hard). Have my angel pattern challenge arrived yet?

  4. At least you got some lovely stitching done during the 3 days. =)


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