Monday, September 18, 2006

Seaglass , "Lucky Glass",or,"Mermaid's Tears"

Some have asked about my finding seaglass and what I do with it. Well, seaglass,beach glass, lucky glass, as a special friend calls it, or mermaid's tears are pieces of smoothed glass found along many shorelines. I find mine along the shores of Lake Michigan. The glass is usually tossed beer and wine bottles, but some are perfume bottles, crockery, medicine, Ball canning jars and lids, etc. Anything glass that breaks apart and is tossed into the water to be turned and smoothed by waves and sand for many,many years. A dear friend from Texas,Barb E, recently gifted me with a book of sea glass written by Richard LaMotte. Within it's pages I am lost every time I open it. A wealth of information not only on finding the treasures, but the type of glass, what gives it it's color, and what it's original form could have been. It is truly one of the best gifts I could have received.

Although collecting seaglass is exciting in itself, it wouldn't be as much fun if I didn't have my mom to join in this treasure hunt with me. You can catch us down there several mornings each week strolling the beach with our heads bent, mom with her cane to unearth her treasured finds, me in my jeans rolled up to my knees incase I happen to spy a piece in the water. Some days we are quiet and stray from each other engrossed in our hunt, but most days we are making jokes and talking about anything and everything, many times not realizing how loudly our laughter has become. It really doesn't matter though because we are usually the only ones on the beach. Besides, it really doesn't matter because we have claimed this particular beach as ours. A friend recently joined me for a lesson in glass finding, she is a nurse and told me something I hadn't know, but assumed it naturally. She said being by water is therapeutic because of the negative energy it gives off. It reacts with our positive energy and makes us feel good. I knew there was a reason for me having to have a "beach stroll fix". I learned this five years ago. I have attached beachglass to my CQ, and I have made scissor fobs with it. Now they sell faux beach glass which is obviously not the same. What is the point of beach glass if you can't enjoy the hunt? I understand everyone cannot enjoy hunting for it, but remember to stroll a beach on your next vacation. Your treasures will be magical guaranteed.


  1. Someday, Pat, I would love to see your entire collection...

    But don't forget that other name for sea glass, the one I grew up with:

    "Lucky Glass"!!

  2. Ahhh yes! I can't forget that title. ;-)

  3. qThis post reminds me of walks I used to have with my mother, but we collected shells and my mother made them into large, beautiful plant pots. Do you use your sea glass to make jewellery or just for the pleasure of looking at them?

  4. Pat, how fun to see "Lucky Glass" in red in your post!
    You are a dear....

  5. I notice that one of those pieces looks like part of a tail light! I love knowing that you are doing the ultimate recycling. But more than the sea glass, I love the time and memories that you and your mother are making.


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