Saturday, September 16, 2006

New pouches for Etsy

Last night I made two neck pouches for my Etsy site. I used to make these daily, and forgot how much fun they are. It is cooling down here in Indiana. We are starting to put away lawn furniture and garden items. Soon I will finish cutting down anything left standing in the garden that isn't a tree or bush. It is so nice to start fresh in a clean garden each Spring. The Autumn Clematis is almost finished blooming. I will miss the sweet scent wafting through the kitchen each morning. There should be a perfume made of that scent. I would certainly wear it. Not much else happening today. It is time to make a cup of tea and head out to the porch with a stitching project until the lack of light forces me indoors for the night. Autumn is definately in the air.


  1. The pouches is so beautiful. I am sure someone will buy them.
    Do you intend to sell just silkribbons on your etsy site??
    Did you get your baggies of silkscraps from that lady at the market?
    Yesterday I made a scoop at a shop with used clothes. A blouse full of white lovely pearls. I ripped them off and I got a big box of pearls to use in my CQ. The autumn have also come in Norway. Many times we have had snow in the middle of sept, but this september has been extraordinary warm. Hope it will stay that way for a long time. I am not so fond of snow and ice.

  2. Your little pouches are lovely. I also like to cut everything down in the fall for a fresh start in the spring. And I agree about the scent of the Autumn clematis.

  3. Those little pouches are wonderful!

  4. Beautiful Pat, as is everything you do!

    Yes, I was thinking too that it's almost time to cut my garden back. I also want to pick up some new bulbs and get them in the ground for Spring. And sadly, my hummingbirds have left for the season now.

  5. I love the pouches. They are just so much fun.


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