Friday, September 29, 2006

Gift from a friend

I recently discovered that I share my birthdate with a new freind, May Britt Dammen. May Britt is from Norway and we have exchanged embellished hearts on the COH list. Today's mail brought a sweet surprise from May Britt. She made me a beautiful sewing kit. I love it. It has the most delicate stitches and vintage lace which we both share a love for. It is in Autumn colors which goes nicely with our birthday season. The heart shape will always be a reminder of how we met, in the COH exchange. Thank you May Britt. I will most certainly enjoy your gift you made for me and think of you when I am using it. Happy Birthday to US!


  1. And Happy Birthday to you both from me.
    I thought the shells would appeal to you Pat.

  2. What a lovely birthday gift! Happy birthday Pat!


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