Monday, September 18, 2006

Another eyeglass case

I finished this eyeglass case this morning. I have so many projects started I sometimes wonder what's wrong with me? My mind is always six steps ahead of my fingers. Each project inspires another and heaven help me if I happen to browse one of my CQ,SRE, or other books I worship.

I am bad at jotting down notes, so instead I gather supplies and start a project. It is all in my head after that. This is really how I work, flitting from one project to another always in chaos. Why? Is anyone else like this or do I need help? I love organization, and have to clean my studio after every project, but how do I stop jumping ahead of myself ? Is there a cure? All I know is I can never be bored, and I somehow thrive off of my crazy method of creating. I can't help to wonder if I slow down, perhaps I could create something sensational instead of ok? I shall never know........


  1. There is no cure for our "sickness" and if there is I will not know it LOL Because we have such fun making all these things. I believe we are not the only one jumping from one project to another. I also have toooooooo many ideas in my head. I start on one thing and continues on another one. All the UFO's in my sewingroom. Some day I finish them. I try to tidy up and organize my sewingroom. But as soon as I start sewing it is a mess again. But it is a creative mess.

  2. Pat, your work is never "just ok".
    I know,... it is "sensational" as I have a piece of your work and one of your scissor fobs which I love and never without on my scissors.
    I too get into such a mess...who would think being creative is so messy, but then again you should see my chef son when he is creating a new dish!

  3. Oh my, how happy it makes me to think that I am not the only one! My DH is constantly telling me I should finish one project before starting another. If he only knew...grin

  4. Pat, every time when I visit your blog I am breathless.
    Your work is so special !!

  5. Anonymous4:33 AM CDT

    I think that "true" artists are all this way. Bouncing from one project to another comes from all the artistic creativity overflowing our minds and hearts. I have finally been able to make myself finish projects because I am now selling embroidery designs and if I don't finish, I don't sell but I am no where near as happy as when I can try different processes and make different things even if I don't finish them. I think that true artistry is totally letting go and not worrying about finishing. If you don't have to make money with your talents then let it go and just enjoy making things even if they are never finished. It really is in the JOY of creating, isn't it? Probably if you stop worrying you might finish some of the things and the ones that you finish will be the real pieces of art. How many unfinished pieces of art do you think that DiVinci had? Lots and lots and he also had assistants to help him and finish up his ideas. That may be the secret. Find someone to help you and help you create YOUR ideas.
    Take care and Love Barbara Del Duco

  6. OK?-never-not you!!! Your stuff's the things that dreams are made of!!!!.( think that's from Shakespeare-better give him credit). It's just a joy to look over your work, Pat. Hugs, Maire


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