Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A "Tatter" named Terri

I ran across the site of a tatter named Terri Dusenbury last month. I tried tatting and it doesn't agree with me.....well, that is my only excuse. I will try it again someday I'm sure. Terri's things just amazed me and I wanted to share my find with you. She has tons more where those came from. NAYY, just amazed at the beauty.


  1. My mother did tatting some years ago. She intended to leart me. But did not make it before going in to a old peoples home. Now I do not think she remember how to do it. Thats a pity because I would love to learn it. My mother and me always quilted together and I share a lot of memories with her. This heart is lovely.

  2. Stunning- i love that fan!

  3. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I wish I *could* do this!


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