Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Look what I have!!!!!!Too cute!

For the past two weeks these two fawn have been residing in our woods. We have been quietly watching them from the pool. They don't scare easily, which concerns us. When they do stray from our property some day, they may trust the wrong people. So far we haven't seen any sign of the mother. I am hoping that was not the deer hit by a car in front of our home last month, but figure the odds and it may well be. These two cuties discovered the apple tree in the front yard today. Perhaps because I raked the apples up to the tree and the fermenting smell aroused their curiosity. Anyway, they are here for now for us to enjoy. I am thinking of buying a salt and feed block for the back yard. We have a creek running through the woods, so not to worry about water. Just wanted to share my new visitors.


  1. Awww..they are so darn cute. You are lucky to have such adorable guests.

    Last week I was in a suburb of Columbus, next to a busy road was a mother deer and fawn, just roaming through yards in the housing development. Amazing...

  2. So cute......I love deers. My father did always feed a lot of deers in the backyard at home. They got so tame that we could almost feed them by hand.
    Hugs from Norway

  3. Awww...how precious they are. I hope their mommy is okay...they look so tiny. How lucky you are to see them in your yard.


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