Friday, August 18, 2006

Heart for May Britt

This heart for May is titled"Gypsy Dance". Again, the photo isn't as "sparkly" as it is in person.


  1. Pat, your work is just so beautiful! Where do you find your gorgeous vintage images? I've found several at Art E Zine(which is where I first saw your work and was drooling all over my keyboard!) but can you suggest any other sources?


  2. I love it! Every heart of yours I've seen has stolen *my* heart. You do beautiful work.

  3. Thank you Pat. I love it. I am so looking forward to receive it. Your heart from me is on its way to you.

  4. This heart series just keeps getting better and better, Pat. Lovely!!!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you Pat.
    Your heart for me arrived today in the mailbox, and I was so excited when I opened it. It is so beautiful. The colours on the photo is SO wrong. The heart has so pretty colours. And the sewing on it is very well done. I LOVE IT
    My DD thinks the same, and she said she wanted to draw the other lady before I made something with her. Thank you for the extras, I certainly will use the lady and the fabric in my new CQ. I am always looking for fabric like this. But fabric with structure is hard to find now where I live. But I think when you are looking for something you never find it, and when you are not looking for it you find it eveywhere LOL
    It has been an honor to swap with you. What will you make of all the hearts you receive??


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