Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finished another purse

I just finished this black purse. It is pale teal, dusty rose, and black with a bit of gold accent stitching. This purse is the last thing between me and total freedom!!!!! Now it is time for my own stitching projects. Sometimes you have to just finish all the "must do's", and play. This will be delivered tomorrow. I made myself stay in today to finish this. Something I rarely do. If I am not in a stitching mood, I usually close the studio door and head outside. I am very happy I listened to myself today although I did sit by the window with one eye on my garden while I stitched..........


  1. As always your work is very pretty. And I understand your feeling about "have to do before my own projects". I intended to finish several things for my class next weekend, but the sun was shining, my boyfriend was visiting me, so........ I going to give a class in stitchery. The stitching is done but I ought to make something out of it. A bag, a small wallhanging or something. I am also giving a lecture in stitchery on our quiltmeeting this thursday. AND I AM AT WORK!!!!! I wish I could stay home and sew. Have a nice day.
    Do you deers have any names yet?
    Keep updating us about them.

  2. Lovely purse, Pat..
    Now, what will you do with your freedom?????

  3. Your website is absolutely gorgeous (just like all your work). I enjoyed looking at everything.

  4. Pat,
    This is gorgeous! I really like the feather stitching with the biggish beads on it - not something I ever would have thought to try and it came out great. I, too frequently have to choose between the inside embroidered flowers and the outside garden flowers. Those rose thorns can wreak havoc on your hands, especially if you need smooth skin for working with silk later....

  5. I really love this purse! It is so lovely. I did the opposite today, instead of stitching when I wanted to...I went out and worked in the yard.


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