Friday, August 25, 2006

Any suggestions for Deer names?

These little fellas(or girlies) are here to stay for a while I think. I have decided they need names. Any suggestions besides the obvious "Bambi " or one of Santa's reindeer? They survived the horrid storm we had the other night that leveled trees, so I think they like it here. They returned this morning for more apples.


  1. The deers are so cute. What to name them: Needle, Fancy, Didi, Lucky (because they are so lucy to stay with you) or May (after me) LOL
    The deers have found their spot of freedom by you. I know the deers my father feeded long time ago, loved bread, potato, coocies and apples. And they got spoiled....and fat LOL

  2. How wonderful that they feel safe enough to come back all the time...
    You could name them Adam and Eve since they like apples!! :)


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