Thursday, July 13, 2006

A visit to heaven............Vogue Fabrics in IL

I got a taste of heaven yesterday. I finally got to visit Vogue Fabrics in Evanston,IL yesterday. I have been wanting to go for two years and just never got there because I do not drive through Chicago. The drivers are a bit too crazy for me. If you live there, excuse my comments..this is only my personal experience I speak from. I am sure you were not on the roads the same days I was. :-) Well, let me tell you about walk in and have to choose from two rooms(sound familiar? LOL) I chose the room on the right first. I was greeted by a wall of magnificent fabric that sparkled and shimmered. I had to feel, just one, then another, and another until I made my way around the corner to even more beautiful fabrics. I hadn't checked out the prices yet because honestly I didn't care. If I took my life in my hands to make it to this store, no price tag was going to stop me from leaving with at least an armful of treasures. I walked to the cutting table with a few bolts of sheer fabrics, but when I looked behind the table at the wall of Dupioni, I stopped dead in my tracks. I know where a fly would have landed if there had been one in the my opened mouth. My knees became weak as I approached the table to unload my findings. The cutting lady saw my gaze, felt my need, and told me it was ok to step behind the counter. That was such a wicked and dangerous thing for her to tell me. I started choosing bolt after bolf of Dupioni, each more beautiful than the other, if that were possible. I made myself stop after 11 colors. I knew there were way too many fabrics left for me to choose from. I found velvets and only took two crushed ones, one in lime and one in orange . Yes, Me, orange!!! I loved it, and I even bought a few other orange fabrics. I felt like I was expanding from my little world of purple and green. It was refreshing to see such vibrant colors in my pile of fabrics on the cutting table. I felt liberated. As for the lady behind the table , now that is another story! I asked for quarter yards each on most bolts because I just use small pieces being a crazy quilter. I found a pure silk in white which I am going to try the transfer tool on. It was buttery soft, I couldn't resist. If it doesn't produce a crisp image, I will dye it in sky and sea colorways for landscape projects. I wanted to keep shopping, but decided I should check out the other room now. It was full of batik,quilting cottons, and heavier fabrics. I chose a few and headed back to my favorite room. When the two friends I came with looked bored, I decided it was time to come back to earth,pay, and go on to the next shop. As I payed for my new glorious stash my soul was grinning from ear to ear knowing I would be back, and soon.


  1. Oh, Pat, you did good!
    I can just imagine your wonderment, joy, and excitement as you encountered this wonderful store.
    I can't wait to see what happens to these luscious fabrics as they travel through your hands...

  2. Pat, I live about 50 miles north of Chicago on the Ill/Wis border. Yes, drivers in the Chicago area (even up north here) are crazy! I hate having to go anywhere near the city!

    I did not know about this store and am itching now to check it out. What beautiful fabrics you've found!

    Now to find someone who would take me there. I wouldn't drive there myself either!

  3. Seems like you found some great finds...there is such a feeling of wonder that overcomes me when I am in a fabric store...I, like you, have the need to touch and feel each fabric...that's how they speak to me...

  4. Lucky you to be the proud owner of such luscious fabrics. They all look wonderful.


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