Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mystery Project almost complete

Back in June I had gathered some supplies not knowing what would come of them. Some items were tossed aside, others added until I came up with this swing purse. The Flapper lady has quite and earring doesn't she? I found that odd shaped sequin in a box of Vintage beads. Had to use it here. I am about to attach the back, add lining and sew on the clasp! It isn't a great piece, but will be fun to use with jeans.


  1. You are wrong, this IS a great piece!
    I love how you've placed the face so perfectly, and the colors, textures, and scale of your embellishments is just yummy as can be.

  2. What? :-) It looks great to me! Can you hear me applauding? Please take a bow. :-) I love all of your stitching. It's a real inspiration to me.

  3. I love the colors you used and your embellishments are great!

  4. It's beautiful Pat..
    It is a great piece!

  5. Gorgeous! You do beautiful work...


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