Monday, July 17, 2006

Current project...three eyeglass cases

There is a wonderful needlework shop inLaPorte, our neighboring town called "House of Stitches". They mainly carry cross stitch supplies, but offer wonderful charms from "Just Nan" and every thread you could ever want including the full line of Caron, Ribbon floss, Very Velvet threads by RG of Italy,Kreinik, etc for embroiderers.
A few weeks ago I stopped in to share my newly finished crazy quilt with them. They always enjoy my CQ purses when I am shopping, so I thought they would like to see an actual CQ. They are not crazy quilters, but I may convert them yet. Anyway I decided I would make the three of them an eyeglass/neck purse. I took their preferences and work on them when a spare moment arises.
This is the first one ready to assemble. The other two are ready and waiting to piece and embellish. My Dh happens to work in the same town so in a week or two I shall have lunch with him and take the ladies their cases. The owner of this case loves kittens, blue,lavender and country. I hope this suits her fancy.I had this print from Dover forever and finally get to use it.


  1. Your work is in a class by itself, Pat.
    Those ladies at the shop will be so appreciative of your unbidden may find some new converts to CQ on your hands!
    And how fine for you to have a fully stocked needlework shop nearby. My local shop must cater to trends, and right now knitting is "it"....but the owner did say that more and more people like me are coming in and asking for embellishment threads...this is good!
    Pat, thank you for sharing your supernally sweet work...

  2. Pat
    that glasscase is purrfect truly ppurrfect!
    I wouldnt even worry someone not like this - well they would be very hard to please if they didnt like it!!- its beautiful - like all of your wonderful needlecraft is! Good luck on the conversion of them- If anyone can it will be you and your beautiful needlework
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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