Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Busy hands, Happy heart!

Today is the 4th of July and there is not much happening around here. With our son grown, we no longer buy a truckload of fireworks to set off. Instead my husband relaxes in front of the "tube" as I make a cup of tea and head to the front porch at dusk to watch a magnificent display across the field. That is another reason living in the country is so enjoyable. Several neighbors whose homes are hidden by wooded areas and too close to see across the fields anyway tend to set off fireworks at the same time. This makes for a fabulous and free show for us to enjoy on the times we do not venture to the local park for the festivities. My husband ran speakers to the front porch so I could enjoy music while I swing. Last fall I accidentally cut a wire to my speakers and this year I will miss my music, but will enjoy the show anyway. I am trying to make the most of my free time so I am taking a project to work on until I can no longer see. It is going to be an eyeglass case for my mail lady, Luba. Luba always takes my packages when I cannot get to the Post office. Some days she has really been loaded down when I am mailing gifts or squishies to friends. She never leaves me a nasty note, and always honks and waves when she sees me outside. I found this lovely image of a lady reading a letter.I typed and transferred her name to the back of the envelope in the image. How appropriate for Luba don't you think? It is almost 7:30 pm, off to the porch! Happy 4th to those who celebrate!

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  1. Pat, that is going to be a lovely eyeglass case. You really take so much time to consider the person you are making something for. You have a very rare talent in choosing just the perfect thing.


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