Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bike trip to be or not to be???

Yesterday my husband took me to Shipshewana for a motorcycle ride. We started out with no destination in mind but the weather was so nice we kept going until we were in Shipshewana which is about an hour and a half from our home. We have a Goldwing, so it was a quiet bike that did not scare the horses.

We knew we were approaching Shpshewana when we started seeing the horse drawn carriages. It is so neat to see the Amish in their gardens and yards working as a family. John mentioned how they must snicker at us with the gas prices soaring.

I watched a young lady weeding a garden in full dress, a family with small children working in their gardens together. This, all on a Saturday when most kids were off playing at a neighbors house. It sure makes you think and be envious of their lifestyle at times. I think I could be Amish for the most part. I have no problem working. Inside or out. I do not socialize at the "clubs". I love nature,animals, gardening,quilting,cooking, making soap,etc. The one thing that would get me would be the dresses and hats. I cannot wear a hat of any kind at any time. A visor on occasion but that's it. I need my jeans and long tees.

I found a bead store. Two older men grinned at my husband as he followed me into the shop. They were sitting in the seats on the porch of the shop. They were probably thinking,"poor fella". All of the shops have seats for the men. Unfortunately, there wasn't one for John so he had to come in with me. He was ok with it because the air conditioner felt great. I only found pink flower beads. Nothing exciting here. Then we ventured into Lolly's, a once wonderful endless assortment of fabrics which burned down two years ago. The new one just isn't the same. Yoder's is the best place for fabrics and sewing supplies in my opinion. They even carry dainty decorated hankies. With the day turning hotter we started home. I wanted to stop in Erica's in Mishawaka for some of the Judith and Kathryn beads but we both had too much sun already. Although we had on sunscreen, the wind combined with the sun left us with burned faces. We were so happy to get home and gently wash our faces with cool water and apply Aloe,vitamin E, and moisturizer. Then we drank tons of water. I am still drinking tons of water today. The sun just draws it out of you. Needless to say, we are in for the weekend. No pool, no garden, no sun! This does give me time to stitch which I have been doing all morning. I should get back to it. I am almost caught up on my "must do's".

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