Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stamens galore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday a small town just south of here was having a town tag sale. I haven't been going to them much this year, so I called mom to join me. The first place we stopped was an old store which was no longer in business but opened it's doors for the weekend sale. I guess I was meant to go because what I found was definately a treasure trove I could only dream of. A full cigar box of assorted vintage stamens.

When I find them, which is rare, they are so expensive I pass on them. I love using them in the french wired flowers. Now I can create all I want and use real stamens for that special touch. I love the delicate peach,pink, and green ones. The pointed dark pink ones are so cool I can't believe I get to use them. I know this may not be exciting to most, but after watching Helen Gibb make her gorgeous flowers and add any stamen she wants, I am definately excited over this find.

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