Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A perfect day gardening

Today was indeed a perfect day. I planned to stitch all day but I had a happy change of plans. My mom came over early this morning for tea. We sat on the front porch swing and decided we needed more flowers. Off we went to Remus Farms, a huge nursery about 8 miles a way. We were going to just choose one or two selections, but it was just too hard to quit. They had so many new plants that I never tried before. We filled a three tier cart in no time.I found a large Stevia plant for mom to use as a sugar substitute. It is so pricey in the health stores. I pulled out the "plastic" and our fix was fulfilled. We came home and I made Bruschetta and we had a small glass of wine in the garden. It was sunny but in the high 70's so it was perfect for a garden lunch.When mom went home I started filling flower boxes on the porch and pots in the garden. Then my neighbor came by when I was clearing out fern and over crowded plants which she happily took off my hands and we sat and chatted for a while. I ended up being outside all day. It was wonderful. I am tired, but very content. My short nails look awful but I am about to remedy that with a warm bubble bath and a nail brush. I happened to pick some fresh lavender to tie under the faucet. I will have sweet dreams tonight of my perfect Summer day spent with mom, my partner in crime.

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  1. How utterly heavenly.
    I am quite sure the exact same impulse informs our gardening as our crazy quilting...color, texture, small "moments" of plant groupings, etc....sounds like you garden rather spontaneously, too, rather than according to plan..

    AAhhhh, summer!!!!


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