Sunday, June 25, 2006

My first landscape project

I challenged myself to a lansdscape project after visiting Allison Aller's site. Her landscapes are wonderful and they encouraged me to try one. Allie was most helpful and held my hand through my uncertainties with helpful guidance. Thanks Allie. This landscape happens to be one of the beach (where else) where I stroll with my mother. These are the first steps. I took a photo of mom and the trees where tourists take their photos. I then added the water, keeping in mind Allie's words of advice.....horizon....flat!!!! I didn't like my "sky" fabric so I painted it with acrylic Lumiere paints. I added some Angelina fiber sheets under my cheesecloth, then started layering fabrics in sand and moss colors to form the dune. I stitched the tree trunk with yarns and used silk ribbon for the leaves. This picture is not the finished tree. The fallen"log" is a piece of small driftwood I found on the beach one day. I added some beads and silk ribbon and a bit more cheesecloth. I found the weathered frame at Hobby Lobby and it was a perfect fit.

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