Saturday, June 10, 2006

Making beads from rose petals

Allie, I thought it would be easier and better explained if I put a link to a site where rose beads were made the same way I do them. They are also fun for kids to make and add to a bracelet. They smell great, and should be a dark red almost black. No matter what color of rose you use, this will be the color. Not beautiful, but fragrant. I have always heard hand made rose beads were used for rosaries which their name was derived from????Holding the bead in your warm hand releases the rose scent.Not sure, just heard it for years. I use fresh roses, but you can use dried too. Try to use your most fragrant roses, or you may need to add rose oil to your mix.

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  1. Thanks so much, Pat! I have one super fragrant variety and I will try this for sure.
    And congrats on those gorgeous stamens! You will do justice to them....


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