Thursday, June 15, 2006

June home pics by request(Allie)

I just viewed Allie's blog and her peaceful garden area. I agree with her about enjoying other's ppictues of their gardens/homes or favorite places. I have shared pictures of one of my favorite places, my beach in Beverly Shores,IN. This is where I find my beach glass and have many pleasant hours walking and talking with my mother on most sunny mornings. The photo of the hammock is another favorite spot to land on a nice day in June. I read, stitch, and dream in this hammock. I saw a hammock in Jackson & Perkins garden catalogue that I would love to have, but I would have to bring it in every night because it is so beautiful. I'm too busy for that, so I settle for my ole cotton one. It hasn't failed me yet. The archway in the last photo was a gift from my husband. I love it. It makes the side entrance much more inviting. I will share more pics as I get them. Who's next to share?????


  1. How utterly lovely, Pat! Thanks so much for posting...
    I am sure your gardens reflect your peaceful and beautiful spirit...

  2. Beauty certainly does surround you. The beach area is gorgeous! And, I love the spot for your hammock...I agree that the arch makes your yard so inviting...I'll have to take some photos of my favorite areas...


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