Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How to transfer with tool pictures

The first picture shows what the transfer should look like when you lift to check out progress.

When I want a tiny image I lay a piece of plain paper over my photocopy and apply the heat tool to avoid touching my tool tip to fabric and melting or scorching. I mainly use Dupioni or poly blend bridal satin because of the body they have. Silk or other satin are a bit flimsy for me to use in my piecing of crazy patch unless I just apply the image to a finished project and add lace or stitching around edges to cover raw edge.

Transfer tool tip can be bought alone without tool at Walmart for under $4.00. You can screw it on to the tip of a soldering iron. This may be the best choice for overseas crafters because of the electric outlets not accepting our plugs here in the US. I hope this information helps you. This has become my only method of transfer. It has no residue because the ink from the photocopy melts into the fabric and becomes permanent and very washable. I even tried to bleach out an image and it did nothing. Great to use on items that may need washing at some point like purses or on shirt pockets.


  1. MANY, many thanks for explaining this process to us. It seems very low tech and easy--except having to get a dri toner color copy, but someone in Camas or Washougal must have a copier like that...How worth that trip to town, though, due to the sharp and permanent imagery. I think I will have to go to WalMart and find one of these tools!
    I have just got to try this!

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM CDT

    What type of paper do you use for your transfers? Thanks!

  3. The cheapest paper the copy place offers. NOT transfer paper, plain white paper used in photocopy machines, no finishes on the paper.


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