Monday, June 05, 2006

Fragrant roses in bloom

It seems the rose fairies are working overtime in the garden. Each day I open the back door to my garden I am overwhelmed by the sweet scent of roses. I have an Antique rose from my mother who was given a start from an elderly neighbor before I was born, and I have another "old rose" from my mother - in- law who got the start from an old courtouse being torn down many years ago.They are taking over the archways in the garden. They are welcome to do so until they finish blooming. Then they get a trim and tied to the trellis on the sides of the archways. They are most fragrant when the sun shines on them and releases their scent. I have made rose water and rose beads from these two roses. I have other roses which are beautiful, but nothing as sweet smelling as the older roses in my opinion.

It is a wonderful thing to lay in the hammock and enjoy their beauty for a few weeks. It has been humid and warm here in Indiana and everything is blooming nicely.


  1. Pat, your garden sounds heavenly.
    Mine has been under constant attack by the neighborhood is a little discouraging to see so many empty stems where blooms should be. But I will put up a major fence for next year which will make a big difference.
    I still have a few roses though, and am wondering how you make the rose beads?

  2. There is nothing like the smell of roses! How I wish I had good luck with them...but, somehow I don't. Enjoy your lovely garden.


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