Monday, May 29, 2006

Question about a poem's author/origin

Does anyone know who wrote this poem? It has been one of my favorites forever, and I never knew who wrote it. I tried to google it with no luck. TIA.

There is peace within a garden
A peace so deep and calm
That when a heart is troubled
It's like a soothing balm

There is life within a garden
A life that still goes on
Filling the empty places
When older plants have gone

There is glory in a garden
At every time of year
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
To fill the heart with cheer

So ever tend your garden
It's beauty to increase
For in it you'll find solace
For in it you'll find peace

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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM CDT

    Have you tried your local public library? In the Reference Section, there will be a set of huge green volumes called "Granger's ...." and in the profession we call just refer to it as Granger's. It has a first line index. The bad news is that all volumes need to be checked. In the same section there will be other similiar sources, but this is always the starting point when poem-hunting. Luck to you!


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