Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bag exchange

Last month I received this gorgeous tote from Allie Aller. You can see more of her fiberart on her site at We began our friendship over a mutual love of Lake Michigan. She used live in MI, and I live in IN near the lake. We have become good friends, and I thought it would be nice to exchange something we each had made. First I thought a pouch would be just right, then when I started gathering my fabrics and supplies, an image of a sailor girl popped in my head. I knew Allie would enjoy it . I had the perfect print but putting it on a pouch just wouldn't do. I layered and stitched until I came up with a purse that I was liking, which does not happen too often. It is always easier to create an item when you know for whom it was to be given. I was nervous sending it to Allie because I admire her work so much, but the more I "chatted" with her, I knew it would be perfect for her. No way did I expect to receive this magnificent tote. It has the most wonderful fabrics that I could not stop inspecting for a week, ok, I still stare at it to this day. In the center is a piece of fabric Allie made from flowers from her garden. It is awesome. It made this tote even more special to me. Allie just joined the staff of CQMagonline, and you can read about her photo transfer fabric making in the current issue at . I can't thank Allie enough for taking the time to make me this special gift. She has a purpose for this particular tote, which you will soon find out........


  1. wonderful bag, i love the colors and the quilting liines.

  2. The bag is gorgeous! The colors are so alive...and I love the quilting on it.



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