Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bag exchange to Allie

This is the purse I made for Allie, my "Lake Michigan pal". I tried to use fabrics that looked sun bleached and weathered. I enjoyed this bag exchange and look forward to many beach trips carrying my beautiful tote.


  1. Pat,

    That is a beautiful purse. The work on it is so delicate and lovely!

  2. Hello! I love your sense of colour.

    I'd like to ask you, are you the same woman who created the tutorial on using a heat transfer tool for transfering images to fabric?

    If not, I wonder if you're also using this technique?

  3. Hi Gius and thank you for the nice compliment. Yes, that would be me. I have been using this method of transfer for several years now trying to pass it along any way I can. I see now it is starting to appeal to others. I love the way the image becomes the fabric with no residue or stiff feel, and it is washable and non fading. I hope you give it a try. You will like it!

  4. Yes, that is also exactly why I love this technique. I'm glad you created the tutorial.
    I'd like to know if you found a way of transfering images faster? Maybe using a heat press?
    Some embroidery artists even recommended transfering images with an iron. You only need to press down on the print--no need for burnishing. I tried it last night and it seemed only black & white prints will transfer most easily.

  5. ^I meant to say... a heat press or a larger tool to create bigger transfers. ^^


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