Thursday, April 20, 2006

rescued baby raccoons

Wednesday morning we had a hollow tree cut down and later in the day we found four raccoon babies along with their mother. The mother was wedged into the top of the tree fromt the impact of the tree crashing to the ground. I called a friend who happens to be a licensed wildlife rescuer. He got the mother loose and she ran away quickly. That was good because we found she was not injured, or at least not bad because of the speed she took off. However the babies are now orphans. We left them in the tree in case the mother came back to move them during the night. Yesterday morning I found three of them cold and stiff. I gathered them up to bury and one made a slight noise. I ran up to the house, turned on the furnace and held them over the heat duct and rubbed them with an old towel (which I threw away afterward) This was helping a bit, but thinking how I take a hot bath after being chilled to warm me, I ran a bowl of warm water and put one at a time in there up to their necks. They each responded. They were all alive! After an hour of working with them and drying them off they were doing their little chattering noises. They were hungry. I called Russ, the rescue guy and ran them over to him. He is all set up to feed and raise them until they are ready to return to nature. The mother must have been either really scared, or hurt and just didn't return. Then, last night I went down to the tree to get out a fake fur fabric I had left near the babies for warmth, and there in the sunshine was the fourth baby chattering for food. I took her over to join her siblings. I did not get a picture of her, but that made four little babies rescued. It has been an adventure.


  1. That is so sweet...what a wonderful thing to do for those little babies. Baby animals - no matter what kind - are wonderful.

  2. Life is so precious! You did a good thing...

  3. I work in wild life rescue Pat and it's so wonderfully rewarding releasing the animals back to nature. The racoons are gorgeous and so cute!!!


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