Sunday, April 09, 2006

IQF in Chicago

Friday I attended the International Quilt Fest in Chicago. It was crowded as usual which surprised me because of the road construction all around town. I found some new dye for lace which I have been playing with this morning. It is water based and permanent once dry. The colors can be soft or bold. I am doing soft right now. I saw the fiberarts for a cause booth filled with beautiful postcards. Each one was brilliant. There were so many booths of woll punch needle embroidery. I am thinking about dusting off my punch needles and doing a few motifs to use in a CQ. I also found a lady who dyes threads in Africa. They are beautiful. I have never done African embroidery (chainstitch) pictures before. Another idea to make ahead and add to CQ projects. The quilts were fabulous as usual. I was pleased to see a local lady from LaPorte Indiana won awards for her quilt "I Remember Mama", which was amazing. I had a great time seeing the products and adding to my stash, but I am so glad it is only once a year. Six hours of walking and standing was plenty for me. When I came home I took two Aleve,made a cup of Chai tea, soaked in a bubble bath and then looked over everything that followed me home before nodding off to dreamland.


  1. A big show like that can really be overwhelming. I think your bath, chai, and Aleve was a good way to cope.
    Don't you love how we can incorporate all the new techniques and materials we see at these shows into CQ?
    I bought 3 copies of the "I Remember Mama" books for Christmas presents this past year...the exhibit was truly a wonderful 3 year quilting at its best.
    Thanks for the report on your trip to the show!

  2. Bubble baths have a way of putting everything into prespective...they give the same feeling as seeing your child right after she/he is born - you only remember the joy not the pain...and I hope tons of lovely things followed you home.


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