Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blooming Spring at last!

I have been so busy lately that I didn't even notice the flowering trees in bloom until yesterday as I pulled out of my driveway. There is a burst of pinks and yellows throughout my garden. The Crabapple trees are outstanding this year. Lilacs are ready to open and fill the air with their sweet scent very soon. The Forsythia's look like balls of sunshine. Quince and Dogwood trees add a nice contrast. The lovely melon color of the Quince with the creamy Dogwood blossoms make for a spectacular view from my sewing studio. The Redbud is one of my favorites. I love how they bloom their delicate pink flowers all the way down the branches.There is a blue carpet of Ajuga in the back garden which resembles a fairy land.The deep purple wild violets are speckled throughout the garden. I can never bring myself to remove these "gifts" which many gardeners see as weeds. The snowball bushes and Hydrangea will be blooming next. After those come the olive and roses again filling the air with fragrance. Yes, I do have my hammock and quilt ready for the stolen moments when I sneak off into my garden to dream away the afternoon while hidden by the Ostrich fern and serenaded by the birds and sound of the fountain.........


  1. Oh, I am jealous! Your yard is lovely...Spring is on its way here - and I am seeing green. The trees and hedge are getting leaves and I have two hyacinths that are popping out...the rest will come soon...

    Enjoy your wonderful yard...

  2. we are heading into winter here..
    Your garden looks wonderful, and so pretty, enjoy the smells of spring...

  3. I am wondering how many of these plantings were made when your house was built, more than a century ago?
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures...the rapture you feel in response to all this glory has got to come through in your needlework...ahhh, God is good!

  4. Allison, would you believe when we bought the place 16 years ago there were only a maple and plum tree in the front yard? This place is over 130 yrs old and was rented for several years before we purchased it. No one cared for the old girl until we came along.

    When I stepped onto the front porch for the first time, it felt like home.It deserved someone who cared enough to bring it back to life. This meant creating a nice yard too. I planted everything myself. A few years of hard work and nurturing after that.

    When I look around, sometimes I can't believe I did it. Especially the Arborvitae that line the road side. They are 40 foot tall. I planted seventy five 5" starts. Whew! I never imagined they would turn out to be so hardy.


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