Sunday, March 26, 2006

Silvermoon Studio, an inspirational site in many ways

March has not been easy on me. If I could "do over" I would just skip it altogether. I have been way too busy not creating much of anything. I did get in a bit of "challenge" work with a friend, and enjoyed it even though it was a change from my usual crazy quilting ventures.I guess that is why it was a challenge huh? Anyway, I took a break today and browsed the internet looking up whatever came to mind. I happened upon a site called "Silvermoon Studios". It is owned by a lovely woman named Sylvia. I read her story, which touched me and made me realize that having a bad month is really not so bad. Then I browsed her work and was so inspired. Her Art is lively and such a variety. I love her books, dolls ( I really need one of those), collage work, tags, envelopes, just everything she does. I urge you to take a break from your day and check it out. I have tried collage, and it looks so easy, but it isn't at all. You really have to think, not just toss together a bit of this and that. She has a knack for it thats for sure. I thank you Sylvia for opening my eyes today and looking beyond my little world.

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  1. Pat, I'm so sorry March was a bummer for you. April is always better!
    Time to get out your favorite supplies and get stitching on something you love....
    I enjoyed the visit to Silvermoon Studios...thanks for the link...


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