Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Organza colors for Stumpwork wings

Since I have discovered Stumpwork dragonflies I have been on the lookout for sheer fabrics. I ran into a fabric shop and the sales lady was putting out these new Organza fabrics. The photo does not show their beauty. These are bicolored and gorgeous. I cannot wait to make dragonfly wings of all colors. My favorite is the blue/, the purple/ wait, the teal.....ummmmm, I guess all of them!


  1. Hi Pat! I've been admiring your work for a long time now! Am so happy you now have a blog!

    Your sewing room looks amazing! So bright and cheerful! Can't wait to see what sort of incredible things you create now that you have such a great space to work in!

  2. Wow, the new organza is wonderful. I've been in my local fabric shop and seen them. How do you make stumpwork dragonflies? Have you got any pictures yet?
    Cheers, D

  3. Hi Pat,
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

    A fantastic sewing space you have there and everything is so organized, just great!

    The fabric you've bought looks perfect for drangonfly wings!

    Have I already mentioned that I love James Blunt too?


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