Friday, March 03, 2006

Face lift for sewing room

Aside from working three days a week, taking on a Pilates class on top of my regualar workout,dollhouse decorating, and everyday living, I decided my sewing room needed help in a big way. A friend told me about a shop closing in town that is selling off large cabinets with countertops on them. I had to take a look for myself and came home with four to use as a cutting/sewing/crafting table. They are even cutting the countertop to fit all four cabinets as one unit.
After a few choice words (muttered to myself) and bruised arms and knees, I helped my husband get them up the stairs and into my sewing room. I was so happy to get rid of the other table. Anyway, these four cabinets each have double doors so I arranged them like the cutting tables in the fabric shops. I have a few days of organizing stuff, then I will take pics. I didn't realize I had so many other crafting supplies. It is scary. I don't know when I will get to the pasta/Fimo stuff. I always wanted to work with clay, but always had a fabric project or five in the works! Perhaps this "facelift" will encourage me and give me the push I need to work on something different at times. After all, it will be organized and I now have one large countertop to spread it out. I always felt I needed to "see" my stash to be creative. Well, now that most of it will be in a bin under the cabinet, let's see if I get a creative block! Until next week........


  1. This was a smart move, Pat!
    A whole lot of fresh energy is going to be blowing through your sewing room...I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Pat, I'll never forget the picture of your drawer/shelf with tons of little bottles of beads. Loved it! Hope you are having fun organizing your sewing room. Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Carol Lindberg7:54 PM CST

    Pat, love your new sewing room. I really was organized when we moved into this home 3 yr. ago, and my sewing room was beautiful!

    Now it is 10 times more busy and 10 things stacked on each other!!

    Enjoy your room. I know you will.



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